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    And the sky's the limit (ST:TNG)

    Hi, I have a question for you guys. In the final scene of the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the captain said this:

    "Five Card Stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit." (about 2:19)

    What actually means "And the sky's the limit."? Was "sky" meant to be heaven or just something that is not reachable, infinite with endlessly possibilities (besides that fact, that Picard said it in relation to bets in poker) ?

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    Re: And the sky's the limit (ST:TNG)

    Well, first of all, I love Star Trek, so your post really caught my eye and I just had to respond!

    "The sky's the limit" means that there is no apparent limit to how far you can go in what you are doing.

    In the context of poker specifically, it means that there is no maximum amount of money or chips that a player is permitted to wager.

    I think that the show meant it in both ways. On the surface, it related to the poker game they were playing, but it also is a way to describe the whole show. Being on the Enterprise is such an adventure that "the sky's the limit" - there's no limit to the kinds of experiences they can have on the ship.

    Good question and I hope I helped!

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    Re: And the sky's the limit (ST:TNG)

    Okay, sure, but would you really let Counselor Troi play poker with you?
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