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    Talking check my body paragraph, if possible .

    I do need some advices on the body paragraph.
    If possible, tell me the errors in the whole essay :P

    Topic: Some people believe that there should be be fixed punishments for each type of crime. Others, however, argue that circumstances of an individual crime, and the motivation for committing it should always be taken into account when deciding on the punishment.

    Discuss both these view and give your opinions.

    In today’s rapidly developing society, there is an increasing number of issues relating to crime and law, in which, various patterns of punishments play an important role in government’s dealing with criminals. However, it is not an easy decision for the judge to convict or acquit a certain person in the light of circumstances of an individual crime and the inspiration for committing it. It is my belief that the judge should take specific cases into consideration when deciding the sanctions rather than solely using fixed punishments.

    Apparently, unchanging codes are always essential to enforce the law. Indeed, when a person is about to do something illegal, he will probably think about the prescribed punishment for that wrong action; hence, constant punishments in this case, somehow prevent the man from committing a crime. Furthermore, if criminals are acquited after pleading his unreal innocent at the trial, populations may have less respect for the law as some believe that there are likely to have ways to get parole at the trial. For that reason, a steady set of law must be viewed as an effective mechanism to be against crime.

    However, it would not be a justifiable decision if specific circumstances and motivation leading to crime are ignored. It appears that a defendant may be a victim of poverty and that his illegal action is just in the persuit of his family’s survival, for example. In another case, people who kill someone in self-defense should not considered to be a serious crime. Instead, opportunities for a parole or lenient penalties are more appropriate for them, thus offering them opportunities to reform. Other types of punishment, in those cases, corporal or capital punishments, for instance, will give less contribution for the well-being of the society.

    From all the aspects concerned above, I am definitely in favor of the latter opinion in which circumstances and motivation leading to the crime is taken into account. By this way, innocent people will be protected whilst the law keep receiving sufficient respect from citizens.

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    Talking Re: check my body paragraph, if possible .

    up , help me , plz :D

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    Re: check my body paragraph, if possible .

    i read it over and i thought it was pretty good. some advice that i can give is. if this is for school, just ask your teacher for help.. they should be more than glad to provide assistance. also in my school we do peer editing. for grammer, caps. etc...

    ya but it seemed to flow pretty nice, but i dont like goverment so ya

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