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    My motivation letter, please take a look

    Hi! The forum doesn't seem very responsive... Could someone please take a look at my motivation letter, correct mistakes or give any other advice?
    Motivation letter for “Ineraction Design” master’s programme
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    In addition to all my documents provided, I would like to take this great opportunity to write a motivation letter to clarify reasons that drive me to study in Chalmers University of Technology.

    I am student from Latvia and in summer 2009 I graduated from Riga Technical University, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, acquiring bachelor’s degree in engineering and computer science. I gained knowledge in various subjects related to the field of computer science like mathematics, algorithms, object-oriented programming, functional programming, software development methodologies, fundamentals of artificial intelligence etc. Currently I am continuing studies at the master’s level.

    During the studies I tried using every opportunity to educate and improve myself, for example, I participated in student exchange programme ERASMUS and studied on semester at University of Southern Denmark. Although studies were organized very differently than I had used to, this semester was a significant asset to my education. Even more importantly I improved very much as a person, I met very different people from different cultures and broadened my view of the world.
    I have always been fascinated by computer graphics in movies and computer games, hence to satisfy my curiosity I chose to write my bachelor’s thesis about three-dimensional surface construction methods. I mainly focused on analyzing surfaces defined by functions, giving a brief attention to a polygonal mesh. I analyzed and compared various interpolation (Lagrange, Hermite, Spline) and approximation (Bezier, B-Spline, NURBS) methods used in curve and surface design. Thanks to this thesis I gained confidence that concepts and math behind the computer graphics are not from another world.

    Currently I am working as a .NET programmer at Accenture where my responsibilities include implementing business functionality, automated build scripts, operational and support tasks. It is very interesting and challenging to work on a big international project, but I feel there are things which are more interesting for me. I would like to dedicate myself to the field I’m really passionate about. As I already mentioned I am amazed by graphics in computer games, but not only that. Same goes also for artificial intelligence and simulation of physical realism. Interaction Design programme happen to offer all that and more.
    Sweden and especially Chalmers University of Technology is known for its high standard of education. Chalmers seem to have strong international and multi-cultural orientation. This promises to be an exciting and inspiring place to study.

    In conclusion I would like to say that in my opinion one of the most important things in life is finding your place, your calling. I believe I have found mine and admittance to this programme would allow me to gain necessary educational background and to learn how to use my passion to create amazing things.

    Thank you for considering my application

    Yours faithfully,
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