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    [Topic: Nowadays, many people have to work longer time, and they feel more stressful than before. What are the reasons? What can employers do to make their life easier?]

    Nowadays, human society is progressing dramatically on a wide range of field. However, in the meantime, many problems have arisen, a serious one which is work overtime. This issue has drawn widespread attention. In this eassay, I will examine some possible reasons for this phenomenon and then propose some suggestions to the employers.

    It is obvious that the causes are multiple. To begin with, it is clear that the work load is getting heavier all the time whereas the ability of individuals dealing with business is remaining unchanged. This can lead to relatively low efficicency and therefore requires longer work time from the emplyees. Moreover, not only the increased work load, but also the complexity of work can make human's mind slow down after a short while of focus. Specially, for those of empolyees working on the production lines who do not usually get enough breaks, can also rewsult low efficiency. Last but not least, people have to work extra time for living, some emplyers are not paying reasonable salaries to their employees, which has made them hard to live.

    On the basis of the above discussion, the solution to this issue should also be comprehensive. First, emplyers should offer more training oppotunities to their emplyees to teach them effective ways of handling large quantity of works. Then, empoyers could also set up more break times and activities such as tea-times and games to encourage people to get some rest and get their mind refreshed. If possible, the emplyers should make sure that the amount of money they pay to their employees is fair in order to make their life easier.

    To conclude, several factors lead to work longer time. I am convinced that we should take actions including offer tranings, encourage people to take breaks and pay reasonable salaries to cope with this disturbing problem.

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    Re: Could someone please improve my essay?

    Hello I am Sarah and I am new here.

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