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    bogus counterfeit fabricate forge false

    what's the difference among the words bogus, counterfeit, fabricate, forge, and false? i am so confusing....thanks for explanation.

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    Re: bogus counterfeit fabricate forge false

    I may expand the question adding "fake" and "phony" but "false" and "fabricated" just don't seem to be fitting in.

    But I think they are all synonyms excluding false and fabricated, but there may be some differences such as being a criminal act or not. ( "Fake" sometimes refers to a criminal act such as a fake id but sometimes not (such as fake fangs) )

    I've mostly heard bogus, phony and forged in the context of a specific criminal act;forgery
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    Re: bogus counterfeit fabricate forge false

    Items that are "counterfeit" or "forged" or "fake" are deliberately made to deceived a purchaser.

    "Bogus", "false", "fabricated", all indicate an item is not really what it purposes to be, but may not have been intended to deceive.

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