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    to improve

    I wanna improve my listening and speaking skill.Could you give me guideline please?

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    Re: to improve

    For speaking, it's a good way to start with reading out any english texts that you may find. If you don't have any printed materials such as books, newspapers, magazines,etc. you may use the internet pages in English. While reading out, if you see some words that you don't know how to pronunciate , you'd check out the online sources thay may help you. Do it even for some common-place words, that you take it for granted that you are sure to pronunciate well. 'Cos if you do it wrong it is hard to correct it in the future. Reading out makes you familiar with the pronunciation of the English words, thus, enables you to understand when somebody else speaks to you. This is not the one and only way when the issue is improving your listening and speaking skills. Watching the movies, the TV shows and other kinds of audio visual media that have been being produced by native speakers is another way to improve those skills. For example you may find a dvd of a movie that shot in English and listen it several times and then you may try to write the dialogues down. You may repeat this process as long as you want with different movies, and you'll definitely see the difference between the start and the end of the process. This is the natural way of learning, 'cos you know that babies' hearing (exposure to a language) comes long before speaking

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