[Topic: Some people think children’s spending time on TV and video is good, while others think it is bad. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.]

Nowadays, children's development is drawing more and more attention in our society. There are many issues relating to this have arisn. One of those issues, in particular, is about watching TV shows. Some people believe that it would be good for children to watch TV while many others argue against it. In my opinion, I am in favor of the formor point of view.

There is no doubt that watching TV has a number of advantages. To begin with, most of the TV shows are educational. For example, the discovery channel always offers good products which chrildren might need to take a while for them to be taught at schools. That kind of TV programs can offer children a wide range of knowledge. Moreover, children can develope their creativities through watching TV shows. There are many cartoon programs with a large quantity of creative thoughts in them. These elements can broaden children's thinking abilities and help them to come up with new ideas. Last but not least, children can really gain fun by watching TV, there are funny stories and comedies on screen all the time, which can relax children's minds.

On the other hand, there are arguments indicating that watching TV can lead to a bad outcome. The fundamental reason for this is that by watching TV for too long, children's eyes can get damaged seriously. Obviously, it is true that many children's sense of vision have been affected by watching too much TV. Having said that, however, the apparent problem, as far as this opinion is concerned, is the fact that the lenghth of TV time can be controlled by children's guardians. If they are restricted within three hours a day by chirldren's parents for instance, it would not affect their health at all. Thus, we should not overlook at the fact that the period of TV watching can be regulated.

On the basis of above mentioned arguments, I would concede that watching too much TV might lead to a bad outcome to children's eyes. Despite that, it can broaden children's knowledge and creative thinkings and become a good entertainment manner.