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    proofread dialog

    Hi can someone proofread my dialog?

    It is meant to be a radio talk

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    Re: proofread dialog

    Hello zoologist may i know your name?- This sounds strange. I wouldn't use someone's job as a way of addressing the, except for established ones like 'Doctor'. Also it should be 'I'

    Lets visit the African Gray Parrot- Let's

    It is probably the best talker over all birds because it is easily learning hundread of words and sounds.

    probably the best talker of all birds because it easily learns hundreds ...

    Looking to the right are the frogs area- is the frogs' area

    Well they surely aren't visible to see- delete to see, or better say 'we can't see them'
    Whoa the horses were first domesticated by people?- Whoa?????

    Their yelling seems scary.- Lions roar, and I'd probably say 'is' not 'seems'

    There are many commas missing- after 'now', 'yikes' etc.

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