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    Need help with essay question.

    I have an essay question, but I'm not so sure what it really wants me to address. How should I respond to this question?

    "What does it mean to make a successful transition to college? "

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    Re: Need help with essay question.

    Hi i am writing the report on cultural differences in hospitality....
    this is the introduction/summary of the report...hope u guys can check my grammar...tq..

    This report will examine the understanding of communication style in cultural differences in hospitality that most employers in workplaces today employ people from diverse cultural backgrounds in Australia.The findings in the report are based on information obtained via textbook,internet and video material. The data shown that most employees doesnt understand what customer required and will occur conflict among them. This report recommends that employers required to organise effective intercultural training programme to improve their skill within the hotel operation in order to make sure the same/high level standard with another countries.


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