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    a phrase i don't understand

    ok i have a question on about a phrase "ruby lips"

    i know it means very red but when you say the play is a ruby lips

    so the play is very red. ok
    does that symbolize something of the play?
    does red symbolize love? lips symbolize a kiss?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: a phrase i don't understand

    I've never heard it used in this way. I'd guess it means a romantic play.

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    Re: a phrase i don't understand

    Thatís what I think too but what is really akward is that one of the poems in the play goes like this

    I dash aside the manly tear

    And take leave of my monkish home

    A word of thanks to you, my master dear,

    Who tonsured me before the Lotus throne:

    Twas not my luck to stay with you

    And in a short while I must say adieu,

    Naked and friendless through the world to roam.

    I ask no goods, no gear to take away,

    Only straw sandals and a broken bowl,

    To beg from place to place as best I may;

    This is a poem on p 435 from a book called story of the stone- translated by david hawks

    I was thinking is there another meaning to the word ruby lips

    Because the poem doesnít sound romantic its sounds more like the man leaving the women behind.

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