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    Blue Side of Lonesome

    What is the meaning of the phrase "to be on the blue side of lonesome"?
    Thank you in advance for your explanation!

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    Re: Blue Side of Lonesome

    --Not a teacher--

    I don't know this but if I was to give a shot it would be like this:

    One of the connotations of blue is being depressed, having melancholy etc. What I infer from the phrase is that there are two sides of being lonely; a positive and a negative one.
    And the negative side is blue because it's the side that makes you depressed, sad...

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    Re: Blue Side of Lonesome

    no a teacher

    Blue Side of Lonesome was a song performed by George Jones.

    This song is a melancholic one. Read the song at this link.
    Dearling you're now free to go. You're sorry to hurt me. But you hurt me more me than you know.
    If your new romance turns out a failure

    I'm just a blue side of lonesome ( a place where you will find me) I suppose.
    Blue Side of Lonesome: Lyrics from
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