I am a newly qualified EFL teacher and have a telephone interview on Tuesday. I have been ask to prepare a short part (about 10 minutes) of an English lesson.

If anyone could give me any feedback on my ideas below it would be most appreciated. They are not fully formed but wanted to post this before it was too late.



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The role-play concerns a student I have been teaching for a month and I am not sure about the exact level of his/her knowledge. The student has some idea about the past tense, but s/he can't always use it properly. I have decided to explain it to him/her.

During the lesson I have been asked to:

1. Identify the studen'ts knowledge of and problems with the past tense
2. Explain or demonstrate as necessary, working with the student to be sure s/he understands how to use the past tense correctly.
3. Follow up with some additional practice of the relevant grammar point(s).

I have decided to begin the lesson by asking to student to identify from a list which words are in their past simple form and which words are in their base form. (I would do this twice, with regular and irregular verbs).

Then after testing clarify/explain the way in which verbs conjugate into the past tense and demonstrate this process ( and show the student a list of some common irregular verbs in base and past simple form).

After this I'm going to focus on the use of the past simple. I'd start by testing again - asking a question which prompts the following uses of the past simple (a) an action which occured at a specific time in the past (b) a completed action and (c) a past status. After testing I will clarify/explain the uses of the past simple, using timeline diagrams.

After this I will focus on speaking practise with the student, asking them about past actions/experiences etc.