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    Need some explanations

    Hello everyone,

    I've got a few questions, and hope that you could help me.

    First question:
    What's the difference between "developed" and "developing" countries? I have no idea about it, because I don't now the difference between "developed" and "developing".

    Second question:
    What's the meaning of the following sentence?
    Their steel plants produce steel at twice the cost of imported steel.

    Third question:
    Would you please explain me the difference between the following words?
    - economics
    - economic
    - economy
    - ecnomical

    Fourth question:
    Would you please explain me the difference between the following words?
    - politics
    - policy

    Fifth question:
    What are "blue-collor" workers?
    What are "white-collor" workers?

    I know that this are many questions, but it would be very nice, if you could help me.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Need some explanations

    1- Developed nation = industrialised, advanced nation, like Germany, the US, etc. A developing nation is a country that has not yet reached that level, like much of Africa. You might be familiar with the term 'Third World'- it has a sinilar meaning, but is less used nowadays.

    2 The domestic production in that country in not very efficient- you could buy a foreign product for half the price.

    3 economics- the subject
    economy- waht econmists look at- you can have a geaographical one, like the German economy, or an industry one.
    economic- the adjective- Germany has had economic problems since reuinification
    economical- saving money or not spending much- an econmoical car doesn't use much petrol

    4- politics is the whole area, while policy is what is actually done in a specific area- the economic policy, for instance.

    5- Blue collar- manual labourers
    white collar - office workers

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    Re: Need some explanations

    Thanks a lot for your explanation.

    Have a nice day

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