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    Please check for grammatical mistakes and any other mistakes also.

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    I came to the United States on 25th August, 2009 to study Bachelorís of Computer Science at Campbellsville University, Kentucky. I was studying in Campbellsville University, Kentucky for the first semester but because of the unavailability of Computer Science Major. I decided to change my university and North Dakota State University offered me a scholarship. I arrived in Fargo, North Dakota on 5th January, 2010.I had never seen so much of snow ever in my life and my eyes could believe that Iím surrounded with so much of snow. I was really tired and confused when I reached N.D.S.U.I looked around at the airport to find someone to pick me up from North Dakota State University. There was a N.D.S.U volunteer for picking up students from the airport, her name was Katie. She welcomed the students very sweetly and generously. I was with two other girls who were new freshmen unlike me. Katie dropped three of us, one by one in our dorms and we checked inn into our rooms. I checked into Burgum Hall and my roommate was someone whom I knew since we were together in our previous University also. I liked my room and my closet but I was tired so I just went to bed as soon as I came into my room. The Orientation started on 6th January, 2010 in the Memorial Union Hall. I saw familiar faces from my home country and felt good to see them. There was an I-core team who helped the new students to figure out what to do and how to do, about University life. The orientation comprised of everything, from course registration to job offerings. When I was in my home country during the Christmas Break, I had expected to get more exposure for my career. My expectations were completed when I came here. The most difficult part for me after coming to N.D.S.U was getting along with my roommate who wants to change her room after getting along so well since my previous university. The most enjoyable moment in N.D.S.U is yet to come because I look forward to meet new people. The surprising time was when I saw Indian students in the orientation and talking to me in our native language. The most gratifying part was when my International Student Advisor, Alicia Kauffman helped me out in knowing new things and getting my things done for my education in N.D.S.U. The overall experience till now has been very good and I really look forward to see my life more balanced and independent now.

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    Thank you for editing my work.I'm very thankful to you for this help.

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