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  1. jonathanj11

    the use of Would and Could

    Hi Teachers, i'm new here..
    here's my questions..

    I don't know where to use the word Would and Could

    "Would you mind to open the Door?"
    "Could you mind to open the Door?"

    I don't know which one should i use, it seems they're both correct. argg..


    what's the correct use of

    Can, Could
    Can't, Cound't
    Will, Would
    Will not, Wouln't, Won't?

    "I coundn't ask for more"
    "I can't ask for more"
    "I will not use it anymore"
    "I wouldn't use it anymore"


    the use of "has, had, was, have, is"


    can anyone help me? please?
    sorry guys, noob in english here :(

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    Re: the use of Would and Could

    Don't worry!

    Just click here


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