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    Post make/let/have + object + ing"

    In the "have + object + verb form" construction, the verb "Have" can be followed by object + infinitive (without to) or object + ing. And it's also true with the verbs like "hear, see, watch..."

    Then, is this pattern also applicable to the verbs like "make" and "let"? For example:

    a) I let them talking...
    b) That makes us going through....

    Instead of

    c) I let them talk....
    d) That makes us go through...

    Or is this impossible? Ungrammartical?

    To me, "make/let/have + object + ing" form looks okay when a proper context is given.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jay from ROK

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    Re: make/let/have + object + ing"

    Then, is this pattern also applicable to the verbs like "make" and "let"?


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