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    some advices for improving my english SPEAKING skills?

    Currently i'm trying to improve my English, especially my speaking skills, i also signed up to a english learning course.
    But i am feeling confident and a little bit nervous when i speak english with other students, some of them feel the same, i just forget all the words, and i only use the main words of english so the result is a very poor english conversation. I am quite good at writing, grammar and even listening, i don't face any problems on these, but when i try to speak english i am like i discovered the english language 1 month for now.

    So what would you recommend me to do? i know a way is to speak with other people in english, i talk at the english course with other persons but i don't feel any changes, i am more and more confident.
    I read and listen english texts almost everyday, so i feel how my vocabulary and pronunciation are improving.. but i can't say the same about the speaking part.

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    Re: some advices for improving my english SPEAKING skills?

    Judging from your writing, you are more than just a rough diamond. Get yourself on a confident high. You are cool. A little bit of nip and tuck in your grammar and you will be the king of the castle. Read and speak every day.

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    Re: some advices for improving my english SPEAKING skills?

    Quote Originally Posted by bozx20a View Post
    I am quite good at writing, grammar and even listening
    I guess the greater portion of your problem may be about this "even". You should excessively listen and watch the audio-visual products (TV/Radio shows ,movies, albums, etc.) made in English-speaking countries. It is quite important to be familiar with the speaking of the native-speakers.

    Another thing to be considered is that in the process of English-learning, the pronunciation often ignored or regarded as the last thing to be taught (at least,I think so). A good pronunciation gives the user the confidence to speak a foreign language. So, you should review your pronunciation to see if you have a good one or not. Use a dictionary that contains the pronunciation symbols for the words you want to learn (and for the ones you assumed having known).

    And while doing what I have just mentioned above, keep on speaking with your course-mates and your teacher.

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