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    Red face Piece of my writtings

    Hello everyone, I'm still new to this forum, and yet I hope you guys will help me out with my bad writing skill. Here is one of my writing which I need your advice about grammar, and other things.

    X-japan - A legend

    What am I going to write? I don’t know what to begin with. Well, basically, I’m not a good writer. What I have is just a big love for music, especially for Jrock. Jrock visual kei was known as “beauty rock” of Japan. A unique rock can capture your ears by its beautiful melody, and nails your eyes with its exotic style.

    I used to hate rock a lot. I thought it was nothing but a headache. However, I never felt bored whenever I listened to X’ songs even though it was rock band. I experienced many emotions toward the songssuch as happy, sad, fear, excited… which I had never done it before. Needless to say, X was a legend, and it changed my life.

    X, or X-Japan was a Jrock Visual Kei band. Kei in Japanese meant style, so Visual Kei meant Visual Style. Visual artists always dressed anything that could capture the eyes like plastic strings, leathers…with heavy make-up on their face. Sometimes, the male artists surprised people with the slim body in woman’s clothes, and their beauty could make the girls got jealous. X was the first one who found out that concept. X was formed in 1987 by Yoshiki, and Toshi. With other three members: hide, Pata, Taiji; X had stunned people with their first appearance. Yoshiki’s face was make up two sides different, and half of his hair was brushed upright, while Toshi, and others impressed people by mo-hawked hair style. Despite of their strange looking, their music was something that could made you feel what hopelessness, loneliness…were.

    With Yoshiki as a leader, composer, pianist, drummer; Toshi as a vocalist; hide as a lead guitarist; Pata as a guitarist; Taiji as a bassist; their first album was published in 1988. “VANISHING VISION” had a pure heavy metal style. “Dear Loser” by Taiji was a perfect opening for this album. Then, “Give me the pleasure” with impressible solo bass, and “Kurenai” with meaningful lyrics plus beautiful solo guitar continued “VANISHING VISION”. Between those rock songs, “Alive” calmed people by a short solo piano of “Moonlight Sonata” (Beethoven). No wonder when “VANISHING VISION” became the best seller at that time, since each songs had shown the true talent of each members in X.

    The second album “BLUE BLOOD” in 1989 was a combination between Heavy Metal, and sad Rock ballads. Most of X’s famous songs were came from this album. “Endless Rain” told us a story of a man who tried to find his old memories of his love in an endless rain. “X”-a song that was never missed in any live audience. This album got the sixth place in Oricon Chart- the most trustworthy chart in Japan. “BLUE BLOOD”, itself, also represented the Japanese Rock in late 80s

    “JEALOUSY”- the third album got the first place in the Oricon Chart in the first week. With no doubt, people said that X changed Japan’s music.
    After that, in 1993, Taiji left the band due to “musical differences”. Heath- a Japanese bassist who lived in United States was announced to be an official member in 10th anniversary of Extasy Record ( Yoshiki’s own company, where all X’album were published. Yoshiki changed the name of the band from “X” to “X-Japan”, since there was a punk band named “X” in U.S. Art of Life, under the named “X-Japan”, was an album contained only the 29 minutes long track, which only performed three times for a live audience. It showed the talents of Yoshiki as a composer. All the music, from piano lines, bass lines, solo guitar lines to lyrics were written by him. They played it 30 minutes non-stop in live, because it was like its album, art of life would never stop flowing in this chaos world.

    Compared to “BLUE BLOOD”, the fifth album “DAHLIA” might have seen as a failure of X, because it had too many ballads. Still, it took the first place in Oricon Chart in two months, since you couldn’t against those sad, but beautiful melodies, hopeless, yet full of love.

    Even though X was a power/speed metal, hard/progressive rock band, but it was also famous for some ballad songs. Endless Rain, Crucify my love, Forever Love… could tear people in pain. In this ever changing time, Love is forever. Was it right? How could love remain the same when our hearts change? They never fail to make people cry.

    Unfortunately, after publishing album “Dahlia”, in 1997 Toshi decided to leave the groups. He said he was tired from those sad ballads. He felt painful whenever he sang them. The band disbanded due to Toshi’s departure. However, things seemed not to stop at there. On May 2nd, 1998, X’s talented guitarist- hide; committed suicide. Over 10 millions people watched his funeral, and about 50,000 people attended his funeral. Sixty of them were hospitalized, and about 200 people received medical treatment. Japan cried for its son, who has gone too soon.

    After 10 years of disbandment, an X-Japan’s reunion was officially confirmed on June 4th, 2007. The band made its first appearance in Tokyo while filmed a music video for an ending song of a movie called Saw IV. X-Japan also held a world tour at Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Other tours in Seoul, Paris, Germany, and Thailand were postponed due to Yoshiki’s health and political turmoil.

    X-Japan was a legend, because until now, no band could ever succeed what X has done. A talented composer, drummer, and pianist; a vocal who has a voice can break the glass. I would not place Toshi as a tenor, but rather as a soprano. hide and Pata were a perfect match in guitar, and heath; a potential bassist; all of them began an endless story of Jrock Visual Kei.
    This is my simple review for some important points of X-Japan’s Biography. Like X’s music, there is no such an ending for X’s story. As long as its music keeps inspiring, its story will keep continuing.

    I’m not good at English, and I’m still in ESL class- English as Second Language, so my English is pretty bad. Nevertheless, I still want to write something, want to get people to know that we have such a great music, a legend band which its music has influenced whole Asia.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Piece of my writtings

    Thank you so much, Sir. you help me a lot. I feel really embarrassed when I have a lot of mistakes in such a simple writing like this.

    Still, there is a point that I don't understand. My teacher once said that if my previous sentence was in past tense, the following sentence needed to be in past tense,too. So it is pretty confused me when you change "meant" to "means", and "got" to "get".

    And about the name. "hide" is the stage name of Hideto Matsumoto, and he didn't want to capital the letter "H", so I write "hide" instead of "Hide". Sorry for not make it clear.

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    Re: Piece of my writtings

    I have a question, hope that you will help me answer it.

    As a reader, do you think this writing provides enough information about the band Because this is the first time I write something like a biography so I don't really know the way.

    More over, if I want to write my feeling about a song, what should I cover in the writing? Just my feeling, or do I need something else?

    Thank you

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