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  1. sarah17

    Question pronunciation

    I have a question about the pronunciation of "the" before a wovel
    For example some people prononce "the" like "thi" like with the other, the internet.

    Hopefully, someone will be able to help me.

    Thank you

    See you

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    Re: pronunciation

    The English as a foreign language learner is advised to use /ə/ before a consonant sound (the boy, the house), /i/ before a vowel sound (the egg, the hour). Native speakers, however, sometimes ignore this distribution, in particular by using /ə/ before a vowel (which in turn is usually reinforced by a preceding /ʔ/), or by using /iː/ in any environment, though especially before a hesitation pause. Furthermore, some speakers use stressed /ə/ as a strong form, rather than the usual /iː/

    Source: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary

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