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    The Comparision of Modernism and Post Modernism -Essay

    Hello im new to the fourms im a Jr in highchool and i got this semester final thats due. i allredy have an A but i was just wondering if someone could give me a thumbs up or thumbs down, if its good or not? thanks, and any feedback on my essay or the way i write is gladley appriciated.
    (edit) sorry, topic is "What have you Gleaned This Year"

    Modernism in comparison to post modernism

    Throughout this semester we learned a broad range of topics from the, rights and beliefs of Americans through the different eras of writing. Understanding these literary periods gives one a strong understanding of the influences and ideals that took part during the lives of modern and post modern writers, such as E.E. Cummings and Langston Hughes.
    Exploring new intricate ways of writing, to explain reality, reject snobby values and to disturb readers with difficult new forms of expression. Post modernism is a continuation of modernism; they express new styles of writing, to break boundaries and confuse readers.
    Langston Hughes is black post modern artist who was one of the earliest innovators of the new literary art form jazz poetry. His poem “History” is a good example of post modernism, the poem is only 18 words long and yet it has meaning, “The past has been a mint Of blood and sorrow. That must not be True of tomorrow”. This poem is about a past of cruelty and sacrifice, how he wants so badly for the future generations to have rights and to live in diversity. Post modern writers question everything. This poem is short because he wants it to be short, why can’t a poem be two sentences long? And he opposes the accepted point of view, of which blacks are living in discrimination. This poem makes readers think to find meaning, witch is a characteristic of modernism, and its two sentences long, not only because he is questioning the rules, but because he is rebelling against them.
    “Some where I have never traveled, gladly beyond” is a poem by E.E. Cummings. It is a good modern poem because, Cummings knows the rules, and he breaks them. His poems make you think, for example “The voice of your eyes if deeper than all roses” this is a difficult quote to analyze because it could mean so many things. But that is a characteristic of modernism. Modern writers made readers think with complex and difficult new forms of styles. Therefore making there writing a challenge to understand, and this challenge is something that readers like to try and understand. Post modernism is the continuation of modernism. A lot about post modernism is similar to modernism, except that post modern writers tend to reject boundaries instead of rebel against them.

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    Post modernism is a continuation of modernism in the way that they have a lot of the same characteristics. Although post modernism seems to be more evolved, as they aren’t rebelling against the rules they are questioning them, and bending them how they feel necessary. Without modernism, post modern writers wouldn’t have the skills to confuse readers, and alter there writing to make it more of an art form. The Modern world view seems to have set the foundation of post modern writing, as modern writers believe that culture has lost its meaning, and that civilization needed a spiritual renewal. 50 years later, post modernism. Now writers rely on there own viewpoint in the world, they don’t accept corruption, and they believe reality is no longer fixed, or life just is. Overall modernism is all about experimenting and rebelling and post modernism is about accepting life as it is and looking for what’s new.
    Post modernism is a continuation of modernism; they express new styles of writing, to break boundaries and confuse readers. Overall learning about all the different eras and analyzing all of the readings we did was good practice, it will be a useful skill to be able to understand and analyze all of the great American writings.
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    Re: The Comparision of Modernism and Post Modernism -Essay


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    Re: The Comparision of Modernism and Post Modernism -Essay

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