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    Question Things Fall Apart

    Hi ,i am a new member here,and I am really glad that i joined your amazing forum.
    actually i need help in my literature course,we have dealt with Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe ,and i must admit that it was among the best novels i ve ever read ;I want to ask some teachers about this masterpiece and my question is how Chinua Achebe reveales Nietzche's theory "evaluation of values" in his novel ? any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Things Fall Apart

    Welcome to the forum. You have asked a very interesting question. Generally you will find that people will be more likely to help you with with such a literary/philosophical question if you first explain what you yourself have concluded -- and why. You will mostly find people on this forum responding to questions about grammar, but it could be that someone will discuss this with you if you share your own ideas first.

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