Kindly read through according to the topic and I just want to know the mistakes in it.Grammatical or anything.
The topic is->Why have you chosen to attend NDSU? What goals do you plan to accomplish as a result of this decision? Compare your decision to attend college with the alternative of entering the work force after high school, attending a technical school, entering the military, or other alternatives available to you. Do not say something like “if I didn’t go to college, I would be flipping burgers.” Rather reflect on the choice you made to attend a 4-year university versus the alternative. For example, the difference of going to a tech school to be a pharmacy tech versus going to NDSU to be a pharmacist.

I chose N.D.S.U because I found the right platform for my career here. I’m a computer science major and I always wanted to be in a university where I can learn things practically. My goals are very clear and precise. I came to the U.S for getting the practical knowledge that I could not get in my home country. I have planned to complete my graduation at N.D.S.U and go back to India. I will be appearing in Civil Service exam when I go back in 2013 and complete my goals. If I talk about a 4-year university versus a technical university, it is totally clear and precise for me on the basis of my goal plans. I used to be an average student in high school but I used to be in the list of the students who were good in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. I realized that I want to learn more in the field of computer science as I used to be really interested in this subject. I got my first computer in 6th grade and I used to spend ample of time in learning about it. After completing my high school I got into a technical university for pursuing my Bachelor’s of Technology in India. I continued studying without realizing that this is not what I wanted to do in my life and as a German Poet, Hebbel has said-“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” I decided to drop out of that course as soon as I got the opportunity of coming to N.D.S.U and pursue my B.S in Computer Science. The universities in my country lack the practical knowledge and I am a visual and a read/write learner, so it was not possible for me to gain knowledge only theoretically. I faced a lot of problems when I came to the U.S because of a different education system but I soon adapted myself according to the situations and learner a lot of new things. The difference between a technical university and NDSU is that a technical college mostly focuses towards the “technical” fields like computers, automotive, medical etc. So they are mainly trade schools that train the students for a specific trade. In contrast, NDSU focus on broad training in various fields- technical and non-technical. They are shorter and concentrate more on the major. After joining N.D.S.U I am satisfied with the quality of education that I am receiving and this university has given me the platform for completing my dream and passion. I look forward to put in my best efforts in my education and gain as much knowledge as I can by interacting with new people and the resources here. N.D.S.U has great opportunities for computer science majors and I will definitely excel in my field so that I can complete my goals.