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    is this english text correct?


    Ive written a short story I tried to translate from swedish into english. Can you please help me correct my translation?

    thanks a lot for your inputs!!!

    Almost six months have now past.

    It was a day in the middle of August. The end of summer was getting closer but it was still warm as
    in the midst of summer. Sofia and I were sitting in a café at Redbergsplatsen. Sofia had been abroad
    and we hadn’t seen eachother for several months.

    - It was in this neighborhood that we lived, with a family.
    - Ah, is it over there or ...?
    - Yeah exactly, in their basement. We had our own entrance and stuff. It was peak season for
    tourists. They didn’t talk much … because they had people there all through the tourist season.

    We flicked through the photos and Sofia explained the scenes. It was nice. I enjoyed sitting there at
    the café with her. Right up to the end of the bunch of photos. It was something in the photo that was
    not right. Kungsportsplatsen looked empty somehow.

    -But isn’t the statue Kopparmärra usually there?
    - Kopparmärra?
    -You know the statue that standing on the market square.

    Sofia had never heard of Kopparmärra. One of Gothenburg’s most famous statues. I assumed that she
    just didn’t knew the name and I described the now green rusty statue depicting a man on his horse but
    Sofia shook her head. She had no idea of what I was talking about. Kopparmärra seemed to have vanished
    from the square.

    Next day I left work early and biked down to Kungsportsplatsen. Kopparmärra was gone. Without any
    visible trace. I considered that someone might have dismantled it. Maybe it was being renovated.

    When I got back home I made dinner. In an effort to clear my mind I made an East African dish I had
    never done before. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Kopparmärra. It was too weird.

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    Re: is this english text correct?


    thanks a lot for your help!

    I will change what you suggested!

    everything else seemed fine? grammatically and all?
    then it was better than I thought :)

    / Per

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