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    Could You Help Me?

    Hi Everyone,

    Could you explain to me the following sentences?

    1. Are you attended to while shopping in a supermarket?

    Is the underlined part proper?Can use “Are you being served?” \Are you taken care of or Are you being helped instead of the underlined part?

    2. Can we say :My pen is gone\My pen is missing or My pen is lost.

    If can ,what is the difference among them?

    3. Peter won’t drive us to the station because he has ______ to take us all.

    4. A. a very small car B.too small a car C.a too small car D.such a small car

    5. When “stage means “a particular time or state that something reaches as it grows or develops and “ phase”means a part of a process of development or growth,what is the difference between them? Can you give me two examples?And in the following sentence,which one can we select?

    It is impoosible to forecast in its early_____ what the experiment will be like at last?

    A.stage B.phase

    Thank you!


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    Re: Could You Help Me?

    1- I'd use \Are you taken care of
    2- If it's gone or missing, it may well not be lost; someone could have borrowed it.
    3- too small a car
    5 At this stage in the race (point)
    Many adolescents go through a rebellious phase


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