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    I Love Winter in Beijing

    Dear teachers, below is an essay by me, would highly appreciate any correctings and modifications by you. Thank you very much in advance!---------
    I Love Winter

    On Jan 3rd 2010, Beijing had a heavy snow, which was the heaviest snow it had ever had since 1951. And we did not have school on the next day, Jan 4th. I was so happy at that time, not because of having a day off, but that winter had come at last! Because I love winter.

    In Beijing, winter is cold, snowy, harsh, and sometimes the cold wind in winter mornings even makes you feel outrageous. But I love winter nevertheless. Why?

    Winter is a beautiful and lovely season, when it snows, all buildings, trees, streets… and everything is in white, the whole world becomes white and clean. When you take a deep breath after snow, it makes you feel comfortable and encouraging, life is beautiful! Everytime when we classmates make a snowman and throw snowballs at each other, we’ll have a great time. Winter is lovely.

    Winter is a season of love and kindness. As we all know, Spring Festival, the most important festival for Chinese people falls on winter days as well. It is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home will go back after a year-long hard work.And all family members will eat big dinners together, with the rejoicing and festivity atmosphere not only filling every household, but spreading to streets and lanes.

    Winter is also a hard season to me for its coldness, just like it is for many people. But I think the coldness is like difficulties. In our life, there are various difficulties in our way, and we need to overcome many difficulties before we can enjoy a success. So, I love winter, I love working hard to win successes.

    Great success is like a colorful spring, I love winter is because I love spring best! There is also a beautiful sentence: if winter comes, can spring be far behind? I love winter because there is a beautiful spring in my mind, I love winter.
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    Re: I Love Winter in Beijing

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    Here is some editing for your consideration.
    Thank you very much Mr.Gillnetter! Highly appreciate your professional corrections!
    Just here, also an interesting question from you, {Why is it called a Spring Festival if it is in the winter?}.
    Ha, well, it actually happens by the ending of the winter and on the very beginning of the spring. So, people welcome the first spring day on the last winter day (lunar new year eve).
    Thank you for your interest in Chinese culture.

    Sorry I've made a mistake. There are 24 solar terms in Chinese calendar to divide a solar year. The first solar term is Lichun, which means Spring begins. Lichun falls on no more than 15 days either before or after the Spring Festival. Today, Feb.4th, is Lichun (Spring begins), which is 10 days ahead of Spring Festival. While Spring Festival is the first day of lunar calendar.
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