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Thread: about article

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    about article

    hi ,everyone and teachers!
    it has been a long time since i went to here before.

    i wanna ask ...
    what is the difference between
    "the possibility of xxxxxxxxxxxx...." and "a possibility of xxxxxxxxxx.." ??
    likewise,between "the opportunity to do sth........" and "an opportunity to sth...." ???

    i wonder how i can distinguish them ..?
    i know that "the" is a definite article,so i think it only makes sense to use "the" instead of "a/an" in the above-mentioned examples,cuz we are referring the possibility or opportunity about sth particulary !
    am i right???
    If not,please provide me with some examples,thx.

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    Re: about article

    The possibility= specific- the possibility of X winning an election.

    A possibility= one, possibly of more- there's a possibility of rain tomorrow.

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