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    Please could you check it??

    Emigration has always been a phenomenon determined politically and economically. Nowadays, many people are leaving their mother countries in order to find a better place to live or because of religious reasons. Emigration has many advatages - evidence for that is a great number of people who left their homelands which is getting higher and keeps increasing. however, there are some dis advantages as well.

    One of the best reasons to move is job opportunities. Highly developed countries offer workplaces with very good salaries and trainings to gain better qualifications. After some time, international experiance can only help people to find satisfacting jobs in their native countries or take what they had learned and start their own companies. Moreover people are able to improve foregin language by having conversations with native speakers.

    Secondly, healthcare situation in Poland has become difficult at the moment. Long gueues, bad situation in hospitals, restrictions in diagnostic and therapeutic process case frustrated people to take up a job abroad. On the other hand, developed countries provide much better medical treatment, economic stabilization in healthcare institutions and give funds for diagnostic and treatment process.

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    Re: Please could you check it??

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    Would you really say 'One of the best reasons to move are job opportunities.'?

    I think the presence of job opportunities is assumed.
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