hello, If u r able Would u be so kind to look through my first motivation letter in my life and tell me my mistakes???

I am an undergraduate student of 3rd year of the X. My major is World Economics. Id like to participate in the programme X for the period 6 months. I enclose a copy of my Europass Curriculum Vitae to whom it is concerned.

Please allow me to briefly introduce myself. I was born in a family with a strong belief in the importance of education. Being highly motivated by my parents, especially my mother, I have always striven to be the best student. Thus my academic performance has always been on top of the class. I have almost only excellent marks, always take part in different conference, join scientific clubs, attend language courses and do my best in all sphere of life.

In addition to my activities in school, I always take part in a community life. I was a skipper of school volleyball team so that I can easily work in a group together with many people from different backgrounds. Therefore, I can adapt to new situations, manage people to work effectively and make friends easily. I also take part in a Physically Handicapped People Community as a volunteer.

The main reason for my applying to study at X to get high quality education in the field of economics and management in order to equip myself with the advanced intellectual, professional and technical skills required to my future work as an economist in my home country. I would like to undertake BSc Agricultural Economics and Management because this field is very closely connected with my major. According to my specialization it is desirable (necessary?) to study abroad because if I want to extend my knowledge about foreign countries economics I should study there, know their way of economic analysis, methods, programmes, projects. The EU economy is one of the most powerful and stable industrialized economics in the world that is why, first of all, I want to discover its economy, business traditions and culture as well as economic problems and how to decide them.

The X Programme in X is a key part to discovering a business culture in X (name of a country) and there is nothing more interesting for me to be a part of this process (it?). I am sure studying on this programme would be the best time in my life spent among interesting, intelligent and professional people all over the world learning from each other about economics in their countries. I am aware of (sure? know?) that the university is full of laboratories, research centers, big libraries. In my view it is convenient (a great faculty?) to find information in this way. Also there are many scientists at X and I believe they can give me very valuable advices in my favorite subject - Economics. Being a part of the X University community would not be only a great honor for me, but also a great responsibility because I understand that the EU is one of the most famous, qualitative and modern centre of education and X University has high standards which students should follow by. I believe that that the high standards of education set by the University will give me an opportunity to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true.

Thinking of my future plans, after a five months of study I would like to come back to Moscow and use obtained knowledge here. I believe that X University is the right place to get knowledge and skills to make my plans happen to benefit not only myself personally but also my country as a growing player on the international economic market because in future I would like work for international company with providing high-skilled practical and theoretical knowledge for solving various challenging problems (making a decision on challenging issues?) that I will come across.