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    Politics and policy


    would you please correct this cloze. If there are any mistakes, it will be very nice of you to explain it to me.

    She avoided discussion of religion and policy.

    Politics is one of the most interesting careers a man can choose.

    This Government's inflationary policy is at the root of our present economic problems.

    Politics is the science of who gets what, when, and why.

    It is a poor policy to promise more than you can do.

    The policy of this store is to please the customer.

    He entered politics at the age of twenty-two.

    Many people argue that politics should haave no place in the universities.

    For reasons of policy, the company did not bring an action against the persons responsible for the damage.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Politics and policy

    Hi Dany,

    religion and politics is a set phrase. Moreover, try

    EX: She avoided discussing religion and politics.

    Also, the phrase "For reasons of" sounds odd to me, so I can't tell which of the phrases, [a] or [b], is the better choice.

    [a] For reasons of policy
    [b] For reason of politics

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    Re: Politics and policy

    Thanks a lot for your help and explanation.

    "For reasons of" sounds also odd to me. But I think, that "policy" refers to the policy of the company. That's why I wouldn't use polititcs. But I'm not sure

    Best regards,


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