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    Abstract concept as core information

    In what circumstances when you, a native speaker of English, use an abstract concept as the subject of your sentence as well as the core information that you want to express? This is beyond me because in Chinese, nearly all subjects of the sentences acted by a person, an object or a thing, which are concrete concept. Here are two examples to illustrate my puzzle:
    In the joyful communities, friendship of all nations has been experienced through the activities of interaction;
    On the school campuses, happiness and cheers have been shared at the entertaining parties of all kinds;
    But I tend to express it in this way---
    In the neighborhoods, they have activities of interaction with athletes, building a true friendship beyond national boundaries.
    On the campus, they have organized parties to promote communications between athletes and students, giving athletes more time of joy.

    The rapid progress of port network construction in Hubei will soon lead to the establishment of a comprehensive and multi-functional port at an annual throughput of 100-million tons, with a shipping center for middle reaches of the Yangtze River..
    I tend to express it in this way---
    The construction of the port network in Hubei is developing rapidly day by day, which will soon become a shipping center…

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Re: Abstract concept as core information

    As far as I know, there are no limitations on what you make a subject of your sentence as long as it's a noun. I think none of the European Indo-European languages have such restrictions.

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