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  1. Ana Cludia

    Smile doubts was very nice to come accross this site.Im an English teacher in Brazil and Im really interested in improving my English.....Im always full of doubts...
    1)Is this a site of Ameriacan or british English?
    2)A student of mine said ..Ive never tried out caviar.....I know what try out means.but it sounded strange for me....can i use it to talk about food?
    3)How do you pronounce 2004.the year.I know the most common way.but can I also say the other dates?

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    Re: doubts

    1- The site creators are British, but we have American, Canadian and other speakers here.
    2- I wouldn't use it; it does sound a bit strange.
    3- There's no clear picture- some say 'two thousand and four', other 'two-oh-four', other 'twenty-oh-four'.

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    Re: doubts


    I've never tried caviar.
    Other than that, what Tdol said.

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