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  1. Ana Cláudia

    Smile doubts was very nice to come accross this site.I´m an English teacher in Brazil and I´m really interested in improving my English.....I´m always full of doubts...
    1)Is this a site of Ameriacan or british English?
    2)A student of mine said ..I´ve never tried out caviar.....I know what try out means.but it sounded strange for me....can i use it to talk about food?
    3)How do you pronounce 2004.the year.I know the most common way.but can I also say the other dates?

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    Re: doubts

    1- The site creators are British, but we have American, Canadian and other speakers here.
    2- I wouldn't use it; it does sound a bit strange.
    3- There's no clear picture- some say 'two thousand and four', other 'two-oh-four', other 'twenty-oh-four'.

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    Re: doubts


    I've never tried caviar.
    Other than that, what Tdol said.

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