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    Post For those who has read Heart Of Darkness!

    I found this analysis when i was surfing the net ,however it did nothing but made things more ambiguous to me ; (
    thus the writer said that the women painted by Kurtz can be interpreted as Diana.
    According to Frazer fire had a prominent place in the cult of Diana; "during her annual festival [...]her grove shone with a multitude of torches" and [b]ronze statuettes found in her precinct represent the goddess herself holding a torch in her raised right hand" (Frazer P6)...........;
    Does this make any sense to you? please if you have any ideas share it please,I am in desperate need for help,I ve been looking on the net for any thing that might help but it was in vain !!
    much appreciated!
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    Re: For those who has read Heart Of Darkness!

    Frazer is a reference to the seminal work "The Golden Bough" by Sir James Frazer: The Golden Bough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Were these the things that puzzled you?

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