Hi everyone,
I'm Tam, Vietnamese. I'm applying for the training course of International Institute for Journalism.
Here is my motivation letter. Welcome all comments, corrections and advice.

I am writing to apply for the training course of the International Institute for Journalism (IIJ) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I graduated in Orient Faculty from Vietnam National University – Social Sciences and Humanity University. I am currently an international news reporter for Sai Gon Entrepreneur weekly newspaper.
Receiving and sharing information are the necessary activities of everybody’s life. However, I always have a desire to search, acquire, analyze then rewrite news. Therefore, with English and Japanese language ability, instead of becoming a translator, I choose to be a journalist. Since being a kid, I love travel and discovery. The magnificent green mountain and the vast blue ocean bring me peaceful and free feelings. Imposing buildings and busy streets are where I can observe local people’s activities and find out their particular lifestyle. In my opinion, wild nature and modern city are past and present of human. Experiencing those two worlds will improve my knowledge about international relations in the future, I believe. In addition, since being a student, I have been working as a TV monitor for NHK Nippon Houso Kyokai – Japan Broadcasting Corporation. I have been monitoring and giving opinions about NHK TV programs. That job helped me to gather deep information about Japan and Japanese people. Moreover, I gradually learnt how to grade the choice of news stories and the content of information programs. I have been a reader/viewer long before studying to become a writer.
I am an independent person that is determined to succeed. To me, challenges are chances of innovations and failures are motives for effort. I aim for perfection and development. However, my knowledge is still limited. Expressing and writing skills are still too bad. Applying for this training course, I am looking forward to learn history and policies of ASEAN and practise on journalistic skills. Moreover, I would like to make friends with international friends. It must be great to take part in culture exchanges, sporting events and discussions on social issues. Even after this training course ends, with direct connections to local journalists and friends, we all can share raw information and deep analytics, experience and knowledge. Furthermore, our Sai Gon Entrepreneur newspaper is about to have an English version. I hope to ask for international friends’ advice and recommendations so that the English online version can fully help them to gather Vietnamese business news in the near future.

This is the first time I have ever written a motivation letter. I don't know whether it's appropriate or not.
Please help me.
Thank you very much for reading.
Best wishes,