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    Post pronoun

    What pronouns can I use for 'insects' and 'animals'?

    Please give an example.


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    Re: pronoun

    Unless the gender is known and significant to the discussion, use "it."

    A bear
    "I watched in fear as it tore apart my tent, looking for food."
    "I had come between a mother and her cub. It was not a nice place to be!"

    An insect
    "It was just sitting there nibbling on a leaf."
    =but, regarding a praying mantis,
    "She eats the head of her mate immediately after copulation."

    Even if the name of the insect/etc implies a gender, if it isn't known or significant, then use "it": "I watched the black widow spider as it ate the fly."

    Personal pets are generally considered members of the family, and are either "he" or "she" rather than "it."

    I hope this helps?

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