There are many parts of a short story that make it successful and satisfying to its readers. The development of the protagonist, details of the settings, and the variance between the characters in stories. I will use two examples of the stories I read “The Royal Beatings” by Mnuro and “The Yellow wallpaper” by Gilman to express my point of view that contribute to a successful story.

In both stories we see the development of the protagonists. In Alice Munro’s “Royal Beatings” the author introduces to the main character Rose to the readers. In addition, she introduces the antagonist Flo who is Rose’s step mother. The writer express that Rose as an infant grow up as only baby, until Flo comes to the picture with a step brother Brian. As a result growing up with a step mother, she experiences the royal beatings.In contrast, in Charlotte Perkins Gilman “The Yellow Wallpaper," is a story about a woman that is locked up in a room and basically driven crazy. She was left in a room and her life was seemingly only exposed to the yellow wallpaper. As the story advancement, her mental illnesses deteriorate. The story itself shows the development treatment of women in the early twentieth century compare to now days.

Moreover, the details of the settings in both stories are remarkable. In “The Yellow wallpaper” story, the narrator discusses the house and its beautiful surroundings. For example she explains to her husband that the house is lonely, although it has beautiful garden. Also, the narrator is not happy with the choice of the bedroom for her. The most things she does not like about the room is the wallpaper in the room because of the yellow pattern. No matter how uncomfortable the room setting is, her husband convinces her to stay.On the other hand, the narrator of the The Royal Beatings, use the details of settings to convey the two parties of Hanratty. The west Hanratty, where the social structure ran from factory workers and East Hanratty, the social structure ran from dentists to lawyers. If I have to compare two settings of these stories, we will see the different between the rich and the poor.

In addition, characters in both stories face different variances. In “The Royal Beatings story”,Rose the main character has major contradiction with her step-mother Flo. Because of the ongoing conflict between the two, as a result the royal beating starts.The memorable argument starts when these two are in the kitchen. Rose comes home from school and asked Flo that “what is a Vancouver”? She replies “It’s a city. It’s a long ways away.” However, Rose repeats bad rhyme she heard at school in front of Brian, says that “Two Vancouvers fried in snort”! “Two pickled arseholes tied in a knot”! Flo is not happy about it and tries to stop her to say those words. She does not listen. Therefore, she tells her father and he gives Rose a royal beating by hitting, throwing, and kicking her. In the yellow wallpaper story, the central character describes the narrator’s husband is a “physician who does not believe that the narrator is actually sick. He decides the best cure for her depression is resting. However, the narrator disagrees with him. In particular she is upset to take a rest in the room she hates the most.

Finally, I think the protagonist, the settings, and the conflict in a story that make a short story become interesting. However, the successful and satisfying of a story it depends with the individuals.