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    'was' or 'were'

    Is it ok if i use 'My sister occasioanlly wished she was a boy' ?
    In the conditional clause using 'were' is right usage as far as i know, but if i use 'was' instead, is this grammatically wrong?
    And i'd like to know if there are any cases when it's acceptable to use 'was' as well as 'were' in conditional clauses.
    waiting for your kind help.

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    Re: 'was' or 'were'

    It is simialr to a conditional, so some prefer 'were'. However, the use of 'was' is accepted by most, and many who say 'If I were' say 'I wish I was'. It depends on viewpoint about the acceptability of 'was' in conditional clauses. Exam boards like the University of Cambridge accept it, while GMAT doesn't. To be on the safe side, it might be better to use 'were'.


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