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I want to refer to parmesan "fragments"; so from your reply I understand that the word "flake" is a better choice than sliver. am I right?
Thanks. Rip.

I can eat Parmesan cheese everyday !!! (Hi, hi; )
Bye form Italy

So can I! I love Italian cheeses. They are very tasty and pretty pricey in here but it won't stop me from eating them

I don't know about the cheese "fragments". That definitely doesn't sound right. You can say chunks instead, or bits and pieces of cheese.
The word sliver is used in a singular form as well as plural and means a very small amount.

eg. "Can you garnish my salad with a sliver or two of Parmesan cheese, please?"

Flakes of Parmesan cheese are small thinly sliced pieces of cheese...very thin. It all depends how you want to slice it or grate it. Then again there so many graters out there - a greater can be used for grating, shaving, slicing, shredding, etc.

But, remember, no matter how you slice it, it always tastes great.