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    Please check my ielts essay task 1 and what is the possible score you can assess

    hi every body please teacher i want ur help and please assess my essay in range from (1 to 9) score

    The chart shows the talking part by both young genders in six different kinds of sports activities in UK in 1999

    In the beginning it is clear that boys are more practised tennis,cycling,riding bike and football by scored 24%,48% and 67% respectively.whereas girls are attracted by walking,roller blading and swimming at 23%,28% and 53% in same order

    On the other hand football is the the most attractive sort for boys who reached 67% which is the highest point ,obviously there is an immense
    superiority for boys in football

    Equally all these kinds of sports are too close up in participation between boys and girls except or exclude football it is approximately 3 times practised more by boys than girls.

    To sum up ,i conclude that there is sight differences between both girls and boys in exercising these sports exclude one sport which is football so i figure out that girls dont have a clear tendency in the last sport while boys trend to play it with complete satisfying in its benefits to their bodies .
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