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A Good Book
What's Killing You and What to Do About It ,by Donald Monus . This health and fitness book was written in the 2002s . This book talks about many health and diet problems about things like how-to-live-longer. The book is looking at the diseases caused by our modern way of life . you don't have to take antibiotics every day because it is dangerous and unhealthy . Antibiotics aren't vitamin . Even if you don't take antibiotics every day . How ? cows , chickens and other meat are given large doses of antibiotics and other chemicals every day to keep them healthy during their short lives . This book is meant to be used in addition to , not instead of , regular medical treatment . A major recommendation of the auther is that each person should take responsibility for their health ; don't leave it for the medical profession . I have read this book once and can only say good thing about it . It is very easy to read , quite eye -opening and extremely highly recommended.