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    has/had released

    The Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) has/had released a comprehensive report to make significant improvements in productivity in every sector of Singapore’s economy, including reducing its over-reliance on foreign workers by progressively raising the levies on foreign workers.

    It added that Singapore cannot increase the number of foreigner workers as liberally as it has done over the last decade due to “physical” and “social limits” and that being less dependent on such workers will also incentivise companies to improve productivity.

    Can I use either 'has' or 'had'?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: has/had released

    I would use has released (present perfect). It sounds like the report still has a bearing in the present.

    If you wanted to use the past perfect, had released, we would need another event to come after the first (the report).

    The committee had released its annual report, but they have recalled it due to a clerical error which needs to be changed.

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