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    Smile pit of evil

    Hello. This phrase below is from a picture book.
    It is a sort of humorous ad section in the newspaper.
    I wonder what 'pit of evil' means in it. Is it mean there is a horrible tomb in the castle?

    3284 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
    comfortable dungeons,
    roof terrace, atmosphere of impending doom, pit of evil,

    And one more thing!
    The name of newspaper is The Daily Catastrophe.
    Is the word, "Catastrophe" used literally here? Or Is there any other meaning? Pleas help!

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    Re: pit of evil

    Hi frindle,
    Yes, I think your guess is pretty close. A "pit" is a big hole that has been dug, and we usually think of as having horrible things at the bottom, like snakes or garbage. This real estate ad is supposed to be for Dracula's house. Vampires like pits, dungeons, doom, evil, etc. The pit of evil is probably something like that, but its name is very general, so we don't know exactly what's inside.

    I think that the name "Catastrophe" is meant literally, but it's supposed to be funny. Newspapers are often named "The Daily ___", but not usually "catastrophe".

    Interesting questions!

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