'prevention is better than cure'
Out of a country’s health budget,a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I strongly agree with this statement ,becuase most methods of cure or medical interferrence by prescribing drugs have sideeffects on the patient who exploit them,wether direct or indirect impacts ANABOL drug has a negative effect on fertility for both genders males and females,as the result these sideeffects and shortcomings will threat their marrige life and there future which gradually divert them from happy life to despaired life.
On my every day experience and observation I shoud say I AM really believe it might be danger significantly if person use an immense amounts of it without telling the doctor,it may kill him with the time ,for that prevention without drugs or any chemicals much more benefit than by medicines,on the other hand I should not denied the profits of medical cure by save and protect us from public deseases, for instance tubercolusis,colera and AIDS and other certain illness we confront in our daily life.
Furthermore,these advantages and disadvanteges are mixed in both these methods of keeping alive and continue working .
We make a choice in using these chemicals drugs and set ourselves in these situations and wait for conseqences that is up to us and how smartly and wisely we deal with our lives , besides the huge amounts of money we use must be regulated and organized clearly unless the matter relate to death .
in conclution people have a different expressions and outlooks but we must choose the best thing,more suitable and comfortable to our citizens.