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    Wink IELTS Essay HELP!!!Please check

    Many languages are dying out every year. Some people think that our lives will be simpler with fewer language. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Currently, with the development of globalization,some lesser-known languages become dying out every year.Some people feel that this trend will make our lives more simpler than that before.Personally,I can hardly agree with them. Language is one of the essential factors of culture, we should exert our utmost effort to protect them.

    Admittedly, haveing a global language will benefit the communication in contemporary world,especially with the sweeping trend of international trade.In addition, it is easy to visit foreign countrythus a lingua franca is becoming increasingly important to enhance international tourism. Take English as an example, the widespread usage of English is one of the driving forces to the international cooperation in amounts of areas. Having said that, language is a reflection of human civilization,how to protect it should be put on the top of the list.

    Different languages reflecte different cultures.That is to say,a vanished of a language means a lost of a culture.First of all,human culture traditions need to be handed down from one generation to the next by varies languages.Particularly some minority's traditional only carried by oral,like some special technologies in China.Secondly,according to a latest survey,learning a foreign language can produces physiological change in our brains,which plays a crucial role in the improvement of human intelligence.Finally,varies languages provides varies ways to see the world.That is to say, because of learning other language,there are more possibilities in our future.For instance,studying or working overseas.

    In conclusion,despite the fact that an international language will brings more convenient to modern lives, but how to protect the culture identity should be took into consideration by the governments. As far as I concerned, we should make some steps to save the lesser-known languages from extinction.

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    Post Re: IELTS Essay HELP!!!Please check

    Thank you very much for your help, I think I should make more efforts on my writing skill!

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