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    Is it more important to learn more about business or about agriculture?

    I am very thankful to those who help me on this site. Before becoming a member (and it took me some time to decide), I could not believe that it is for real. Totally strange people help each other, with no direct remuneration. It is still unbelievable :P

    I am preparing for a TOEFL test. I practice writing essays and I would need some help, especially for the stylistic part. I posted another essay few days ago and I received a complete and very good answer. It was really helpful. Thank you in advance to those who will help me this time! :)

    What is more important to learn about in a world of technology and of high speed – about business or about agriculture? On one hand, people are more interested in practicing business than practicing agriculture; it seems to be easier (at a first sight), more interesting, with more possibilities for further growing and development and, generally, more trendy. Agriculture seems to be old-fashioned and boring. Business is continuously growing; the business relationships between states are getting stronger; a businessman has usually an “international” life, having a lot of possibilities to travel for job purposes.
    On the other hand, the population of the world is increasing as well. There are 6 milliards of people that need to eat everyday. Where to take so much food from? Fortunately or unfortunately the new technologies help enormously in getting better agricultural results. A lot of our daily food products are genetically modified, so they grow up easier, faster and in bigger quantities, but they are not so healthy anymore. Agriculture is not anymore the boring activity from the countryside. It develops relationships as well; it uses business and financial strategies; it is a new and old worldwide culture. Agriculture has become a new kind of business. What is business all about? About producing goods or services and selling them. Agriculture produces food products, which are the most needed products. There are 6 milliards of daily consumers, 6 milliards of clients, everyday. People can spend more than half of their monthly income on food. And everything starts from the land and farm.
    Thus, we can say that there is no big difference in learning agriculture or business, because both fields are related to business activities and both are extremely important. It depends on our choices. It is the same like choosing what we study next.
    I know an old man who worked all his life as an accountant at different companies. He actually always wanted to work for agronomic researches. At his old age, he has a big garden and grows fruits and vegetables. He has a lot of flowers as well and makes different combinations, so that the garden would have bloomed flowers all the year long. He always says the same thing: that this is what he really loves, not the boring papers and numbers.
    Usually we think that it would be better to have what others have, but we never imagine that those people think the same about us; they find our goods, our activities better than theirs. In my opinion, we do not have the right to say what is better and more important to learn. Everybody will choose the best for himself and, certainly, it will be the best for the society as well.

    Further, I would like to ask something. A friend told me that I use too much the past continuous tense. I found the information that past continuous expresses an action that took place in the past and was suddenly interrupted by another action. Can we use past continuous to express an action from the past which lasted for a long period, or was repeated for many times? like in the sentences (i am not sure if it is correct :) ) : "When she was a child, her parents were always telling her to be a good girl." or "They were not having launch everyday, because they were poor." (so pesimistic :P) If it is not correct, then how can I express such an action from the past? (A similar tense in English for the French tense Imparfait, or for the Greek tense Paratatikos, I don't know other examples, I hope you understand what exactly i mean.)

    Thank you !!! :)

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    Re: Is it more important to learn more about business or about agriculture?

    Thank you! Also for answering my question. I will continue practicing. I am really happy I found this website :)

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