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In today's world, subjects like maths and science are the most important for children to learn in school. School curricula should focus on these subjects more and reduce the time spent on music, literature, art and history. Only this way we can adequately prepare students for life in the modern world.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


"Education will lift you up." "Read to achieve." These are just some of the quotes which give motivation to everybody to aspire for knowledge for it is the key to success.

There is a growing concern about what subjects should children going to school must focus on more. This includes maths and science which are viewed to be the most important. However, subjects like music, literature, art, and history must not be the main attention of young learners and that the time used up on these such areas of learning should be decreased.

Indeed the rapid growth of knowledge is unstoppable and this phenomenon will continue especially with the development of children with many big dreams and imagination which will surely surpass mankind's achievement in the next decades to come.

A balance of what children take up in school is beneficial than depriving them to learn more in areas of their interests or where they perform best. To introduce more options to them will help them on their decisions for what would they wanted to become in the future. Not all, students will become engineers or scientists who will construct the tallest buildings and amazing discoveries searched through extensive research and experiment. How about those who are unfortunate to have support for their college? But because of their hidden talents in singing, painting or any work of art became widely known in the world. And to leave history behind is just the same as erasing man's past, culture, and origin.