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    haw can i begin learning English ( self learning )? witting and speech?

    haw can i begin learning English ( self learning )? witting and speech?

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    Re: haw can i begin learning English ( self learning )? witting and speech?

    Learn! Learn! Learn!

    Or if you want it more detailed

    Read! Speak! Listen!

    Aside from studing English grammar books, watching EN movies with EN subtitles on, and listening to BBC or NPR (American English), you could try these little hints/helpers. On your own risk, of course.

    At first, try to install some addons in your web browser. Such as real time translator (but not for the whole page!). So when you select some words and hover with your mouse cursor over them, you will see what this word or these words mean in your language (Arabic).

    If you are using Firefox, which is a free web browser, take a look at this page

    For pronunciation try this addon (but remember that it is American pronounciation from (Merriam-Webster dictionary

    Internet Explorer 8 has something similar, it's called accelerators or something like that.

    Try to post as much as possible in forums like and try to avoid realtime online chats. Why? Because in the real time conversation people make more mistakes, use more abbreviations, slang words etc.

    If you want to speed up your reaction time for answers in English, try to think in English. At first start with words like "and", "but", "yes", "no", "maybe"... and try to use them in your native language instead of "the original in Arabic". If you don't find the right word in English just say it in Arabic. But after a while, you will see that it chase you, so, you will find this word in your dictionary one way or another.

    Try to speak with yourself and speak loudly. It sounds stupid, I know. But it's very effective, in my humble opinion. So try to ask yourself and answer too. It's like a ping-pong or a chess where your oponent is you.
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