I need to prepare short quotation analysis report for client's reference. Therefore, i would like to seek someone help to comment & make better for the following report.

Compressor was found and identified as failure in a refrigerator. It recorded that the refrigerator has been put in service over 30 years and has not been repaired before. After tests and inspections conducted by maintenance contractor, it is recommended that the compressor need to be replaced to avoid any interruption in the functioning of the restaurant and to ensure the refrigerator is working correctly. Three (3) contractors are invited to quote the repair under same scope of works. All quotations have been shown in the analysis table.

Company ~ Total amount
XYZ ~ USD2,000.
ABC ~ USD3,800.
KKK ~ USD8,200.

Based on the scope of works and XYZ s offer at USD2,000. is recommended. Purchase order to XYZs has been drafted. Copies of aforesaid quotation are attached for ease reference and approval.

Many Thanks