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    Smile My First JOB Interview

    Hi Every one,
    Please if there is any wrong let me know to write in a proper way..
    Now i am going to describe about my job Interviews Experience.

    I "XXX" ,done a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.Basically from mother tounge language(Kannada).When i entered in a degree,i was bit nervous and i didnt know how to communicate in english with my friends and lectures.Finally i have completed my Degree with a first class.
    One day i went to one s/w company for interview,i have cleared the Aptitude test after that they conducted a Group Discussion.
    I was the first person in a row,So they told me to introduce myself,first of all i was in nervous,and mine was the first interview, any way i intaroduced myself after that they gave a one topic to discuss.
    I know the topic well but i dont know how to start it.Many people sat around guy started the topic after that every one was speakin on that topic,they were not giving the chances for me..continuously they were talking on that topic.
    After the Conclusion time came ,Company people asked me for the conclusion,i was not able to tell anything because of the nervous.They have rejected me and i was in little upset and blaming myself.
    I want to be a perfect in english,so i started reading the news paper and watching english movie.Now i have a little confident how to communicate and how to face the interviews.I tried a more than 15 companies,some how i rejected and finally i got a job in a good MNC company.
    Now also i am trying to improve my i have registered the,this site useful for me to improve my english.

    Any comment ..?


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    Re: My First JOB Interview

    Revise punctuation and its rules.

    Remember to capitalise correctly [proper names, names of countries, first words in sentences]

    Get a good spellchecker installed and check your writing with it.

    Interview techniques: interviewing skills - Google Search

    Good luck!

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