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    can any bidy capitalise the neceesary words....

    To begin with,the Nina and the Pinta were separated on the way back to Spain.The weather was very bad,especially when the two ships ran into a storm west of the Azores.The Nina almost sank.Columbus was so sure it was going down that he put arecord of his Discoveries in a small barrel,sealed it completely, and threw it overboard.That way,if the ship went down,there was still achance that someone would learn of his dicoveries.Actually,the ship made it to Santa Maria,a portuguese island.The governor there thought Columbus was lying about his adventures and arrested the crew.The crew was released only because Columbus threatened to shoot up the town

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    Re: capitalisation

    Seems like an assignment.

    You indicate what you think should be capitalised and we can then comment.

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    Re: capitalisation

    And if you do take up Anglika's offer, could you put a space after your punctuations marks?
    I know I keep harping on about this, but it can turn something which initially looks like a dog's breakfast into something pleasant to read.

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