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    use of tense in report

    dear sir

    in which tense mostly the report is written

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    Smile Re: paragraphs on small projects

    Small Projects

    Education Project: AKRSP Baltistan initiated educational project in 6 villages of Baltistan with the partnership of RSPN in March 2008 and completed them in 2009. Both the partners supported the communities financially and technically to the completion of the project. The main objectives of the project are: reduction the gap between rich and poor households through education, enhancing awareness and access to quality education and increase the number of working women in formal sector (salaried). Under this project, the AKRSP so far has established 6 schools in the 6 villages namely Thalley, Ghursay Marcha, Katpana, Doro and Mehdiabad, where significant no of students are benefiting the quality education. Moreover, under this project 16 local teachers consisting of 2 male teachers and 14 female teachers have been providing their services of teaching to the students after they have got the Child Centered Teaching Methodology Training from AKRSP. The main sources of income to run these schools are the endowment fund for poverty project and the fees from the students.

    Agribusiness Support Project: AKRSP with financial support of Government of Pakistan through Agribusiness Support Fund has initiated the project since April 2007. The main objectives of this project are: to enable agriculture enterprises to effectively utilize business development services (BDS) to enhance productivity, product and market diversity and penetration, and profitability, to enhance BDS providers’ capacity to reach agriculture enterprises through the delivery of varied and effective services. During the period of 2008, AKRSP has, under this project, facilitated local farmers to form 50 Farmer Enterprise Groups and developed 15 proposals. Moreover, it has trained 32 local farmers in book keeping and 130 local farmers in collective business management, in addition to the organization of Association Formation Workshop for 13 members of Farmer Enterprise Groups and arrangement of exposure visit for 10 members of the FEGs to the Dehydration plants at Bara and Sailing villages.

    Karakuram Trust Project: AKRSP has started this project in the upper Braldo of Shigar Valley in Baltistan since June 2006, to which the EV-K2 –CNR committee has provided funds since the inception of the project. The project mainly focuses on the socio- economic development of the communities living in the upper Braldo- infrastructure development, forestry development, environmental development and capacity building. With the financial support of the said donor, AKRSP has, during the period of 2008, initiated 4 small infrastructure projects in the upper Braldo which are as follows 2 irrigation channels, 1 water supply scheme and a community guest house. It has completed 2 infrastructures projects, except for one irrigation channel and the community guest house which are under the process of construction. Through the newly constructed irrigation channel in Thongol, 40 households of the said Village irrigate 80 hectors of existing cultivable land and 40 households from Village Sino have benefited from the water supply scheme completed by the AKRSP in 2008.

    Furthermore, AKRSP, in order to create awareness among the community of the upper Braldo with respect to health and hygiene, and gender equality, trained 60 community women in health and hygiene and sensitized 56 community men in gender equality, in addition to the arrangement of training for 36 community men in project management. AKRSP also prepared the community to encourage a-forestation campaign in which it made an agreement with the community to plant the cuttings of their own forest trees on their forest lands. By this way, 100 households planted more than 12000 cuttings of forest trees on their forest lands and each household was paid Rs. 5.5 per cutting by AKRSP.

    Development program in Hushe: SARBASTALL is a Spanish NGO, started work with AKRSP with the view of contributing to reduce social and economic impoverishment of the people through construction of tourism relating infrastructure project (Guest House) and to reduce the social issues of women through construction of washing places, bath rooms and toilets in the village of Hushe. Under this development program, all the projects initiated by the AKRSP in 2006 became complete in 2008.

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    Re: use of tense in report

    simple present tense

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